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June Labs...

  • wants to see better educational technology for the benefit of schools and students.
  • believes educational companies build better products with educator involvement.

Only through deep and consistent collaboration with teacher leaders can technology truly transform global education.

- Meg Omainsky
Educator and June Labs founder

"The DNA of our business is built around relentlessly speaking with and listening to teachers."

Brett Kopf, Co-Founder, Remind

How it Works

June Labs connects educators and technology companies so they can collaboratively build and test the learning tools of tomorrow. From ideation to implementation we support teachers and technologists working together in all stages of product development.

Educational technology companies want and need the involvement of educators to develop valuable, viable and impactful products.

Educators want and need to be more involved in the development of educational technology in order to create better tools for today's classrooms.

These companies have designed with June Labs

"June Labs makes it so easy to communicate with great educators, receive meaningful feedback and iterate quickly."

Craig Jones, Founder/CEO, Formative

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